Tuesday, October 25, 2022

First back country ski of the season

 Skiable snow came as easily this week as flipping a switch.

We went from beautiful, colorful, warm and windless Fall weather last week to a wintry blast of snow on Sunday and Monday.

In the old logging road

On a break.  That's the ski hill in the distance.

Neihart Baldy and Long Peak, hammered by snow

And, on Monday morning I went skiing for the first time this season in the Little Belt Mountains.

We went for only three hours and skied just over three miles, but the snow was a heavenly 8 inches or so of power.  Although it's rifle hunting season we were able to stay aware from the hunters.

We went across U.S. 89 from the Silvercrest turnoff up an old logging road that showed great views of Porphyry, Long and Niehart Baldy peaks and seas of fresh powder in the trees.

The ski was particularly significant for me because it allowed me to test where I'm at physically.  I think I'm ready for longer trips with my big goal being able to Nugget Creek this year.

While there has been lots of snow in the mountains and some in town as well, the trees lining Belt Creek retain their golden Fall color, and the trees in town are still hanging on.

Less than I week ago I was still climbing mountains in the Front with temperatures in the 70s.  I faced 20 degree temperatures and a windchill of minus 5 on Monday.

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