Friday, February 09, 2024

Winter --- finally!

 I haven't posted for a while because it didn't seem right to post when there wasn't real winter.

This past month we've done some hiking on the River's Edge Trail and the First Peoples' Buffalo Jump, which were clear of snow until about a week ago.

And, we've been snow-shoeing and skiing up to Kings Hill and the Deadman run in the Little Belts, in really sub-par snow.

The past week, however, has delivered some really good snow in the Little Belts and yesterday we did the 10-mile Ranch Creek point-to-point trip that begins at Kings Hill in great, but somewhat shallow snow.

Our northcentral Montana watersheds have the lowest snowpack in the state, and it's really scary.

Teton Pass Ski Area on the Rocky Mountain Front announced it would close after only being open for six days;  Great Divide had 6 inches at its base.  Showdown has been steadily open, thank goodness.

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