Sunday, May 01, 2005


Fabulous spring skiing makes up for dry winter
Things were so good skiing on Thursday, that we went back on Sunday, the first day of May, to do it again.
The only difference was that the weather was even better, and the snow loosened up into mashed potatoes and was easy to push around even on the toughest runs.
I've finally gotten it; after the downhill season is over head for the ski hill as soon as there's some snow.
Of course there's a big downside: climbing back up the hill after a run.
Things were so good Sunday that we could easily regain elevation even without skins. Well, easily might be the wrong word. When the day was over we had climbed more than 4,000 feet.
It appears as though there will be a day or two more of this excellent snow before spring's warm weather finally sets in.
This doesn't make up for the dry, open winter we've had, but it salves the memories a bit.

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