Monday, January 22, 2007

First O'Brien run of the season

Quite a gang starts the O'Brien run

Eric Newhouse negotiates O'Brien Creek

Down the powerline on lower end
Just a quick update on the O’Brien Creek run in the Little Belts.
It’s pretty good considering that there hasn’t been a lot of snow.
The snow bridges are excellent, but don’t wander off for any tele skiing at the head of the creek when you drop off Divide Road. When I did I hit rock. The wind is playing hell with the hillsides. Where there’s protection in the trees there is pretty good cover, though.
There continues to be encroachment by snowmobiles in the prohibited areas just below Divide Road.
Otherwise, even where the snowmobiles have used the shared trail below the beaver ponds, the trail is in pretty good shape. There’s none of the usual speed bumps.
Saturday was my first run down O’Brien this season, nearly two months later than I usually do my first trip down.
Bring on the snow. We’ve got the base to make O’Brien Creek as good as it gets.

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