Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Rainy day delight

Finally.....rain and clouds!

Dave Ashley views the wet conditions
After a summer of drought, I think it’s a big deal when there’s rain to report.
We were at supper Friday night with our friends, Dave and Sandi Ashley of Helena, when Dave looked out the window and rejoiced that rain was pouring hard in the streets of Great Falls.
Dave and I didn’t let that bother us on Saturday, either.
We went into the Highwood Mountains and enjoyed the spectacular play of rain clouds over the mountain peaks and that dusting of snow at the top of Highwood Baldy.
We did the Windy Peak-Briggs Creek loop, dodging cowpies along the way.
That didn’t alter our high moods, though.
What concerned me more is the lack of any kind of progress on restoring the Thain Creek Campground, knocked out several years ago by spring flooding after a quick thaw.
Briggs Creek pours out in a deep ditch through the campground, although most of the rest of the area is in pretty good shape.
At least we got out and enjoyed this lovely island mountain range.

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