Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spring turns on Weatherwax bowls

Best early April snow ever!
I was really jet-lagged and trying to recover from a cold picked up on my trip to Italy, but it really snowed a ton and I just had to get to some of that fresh powder. We headed to the Weatherwax bowls at the top of Kings Hill Mountain on the east side of the pass in the Little Belts on Sunday. The snowmobilers were out, too, looking at the same area we were. So, we continued down the ridge about a half-mile further east and found bowls of fresh powder that would satisfy any telemark skier. I was plenty bushed, but the powder invigorated me, at least temporarily. After exhausting ourselves sufficiently with five top to bottom runs, we climbed Kings Hill and skied back down through the trees to the pass. Spring skiing doesn’t get any better.

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