Saturday, May 10, 2008

Spring tele turns on May 10!

Amazing snow turns on Big Seven on May 10

H. Wayne Phillips starts down hill
It had rained overnight and I had scrapped plans to hike in the Gates of the Mountains Saturday. I was satisfied to go for a walk with my wife and Wayne Phillips in the neighborhood. It was a pretty, but a little chill morning that promised to warm up, a perfect Spring day.
A few blocks into this 10:30 a.m., walk Phillips turned to me and asked, ‘What are we doing walking here when we could be skiing? I’ll bet there’s new powder up on the hill.’
We walked a couple more blocks as I vacillated about what to do.
I made up my mind, we turned around and both headed for home to prepare for a quick run to Showdown, hoping for good snow.
We were richly rewarded for the decision. We found new snow in the upper reaches of the Belt Creek Canyon and 2 to 3 inches of new powder at Kings Hill Pass at Showdown.
We were greeted by a young fellow who had just come down the hill and who pronounced the skiing excellent.
The powder was on top of hard pack, just perfect for tele skiing.
We took two trips to the top of Porphyry Peak at the top of the deserted downhill ski area. Big Seven was particularly fun to ski.
This was one of the latest in the season ski trips I’ve taken.
It was one of the best.

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