Thursday, June 19, 2008

Beautiful day, scenic byway

Swollen, raging Belt Creek

Lower Memorial Falls

Upper Memorial Falls
On Thursday I took one of the most pleasant drives imaginable --- along the Belt Creek Canyon Scenic Byway.
I went to see raging Belt Creek, swollen by mountain snow.
I was treated to a crystal clear day with cloudless blue skies.
I drove just south of Kings Hill Pass to get a look at how much snow had melted off Showdown Ski Area ---- just a patch on Big Seven and spots elsewhere remain.
I took a look at the beaver ponds just off Divide Road, hoping to spy a moose. No such luck!
Then I hiked to Memorial Falls and found much more water than normal spilling there.
I drove a ways up Jefferson Creek, and finally pulled in just behind the airstrip at the Belt Creek Ranger Station near the Crawford Creek trailhead.
I stopped several times to shoot photos of Belt Creek over its banks, and completed my drive at the Sluice Boxes State Park overlook.
Very satisfying!

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