Sunday, December 14, 2008


A Great Falls winter sunset in Russell Park

A selfie skiing in Russell Park
About as warm as it got Sunday was 17 below. It hovered around 20 degrees below zero here in town.
It was so cold that Showdown, the local ski area wouldn’t open. I checked there and it showed 33 below with some wind. I had a hard time thinking about the 20 inches or so of new powder there going to waste.
But the six inches of good powder here was enough to send me to Russell Park, my neighborhood park, to set some cross country tracks.
Despite the cold, I was pretty comfortable because I was dressed in multiple layers and wore a face mask and my good down coat.
It’s been a difficult fall for outdoors adventures. It has been a month since I climbed anything and I’m aching to get back into the swing of it all.
At the end of the week I’ll have a two week break and intend to hit it hard.

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