Monday, January 12, 2009

O'Brien/Rogers Pass redux

Katie leads the pack up O'Brien hill

Jim Heckel uphill at Rogers
Chinook winds have been blowing for the past week melting the heavy snow in town and the mountain snowpack.
We still have an unusual pack in the backcountry. It has been so cold there that the snows still haven’t solidified into anything worth skiing much.
Many of my friends have been taking ski lifts to get their turns while waiting for the backcountry to firm up.
We reskied both O’Brien Creek and Rogers Pass Saturday and Sunday. The snow was pretty good on O’Brien Creek, but icy on Rogers.
I’ve been having trouble with my left knee. It could be a meniscus problem. I had difficulty in hardpack skiing to my left where I would have to drop weight on my left, front ski to make turns. I ended up traversing back and forth to get down from the top of the Rogers peak ridge above the pass. I fell a number of times, too.
I’m going to need to have that knee checked, but am afraid I may have to give up my favorite sport --- the backcountry skiing to have it repaired.
Monday it warmed up even more in town and the weekend calls for city temperatures to be in the 50s. My guess is that skiing should be pretty good in the backcountry.

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