Tuesday, March 10, 2009

As bluebird as it can get

The view from the top of Porphyry looking at Big Baldy
My infirmity drove me to seeking the waters of White Sulphur Springs on Monday.
I find them amazingly healing, along with the advice of Dr. Gene Gudmundsen, the chiropractor who owns the hot springs spa there.
But, along the way I stopped for a couple of quick runs on the empty Showdown Ski Area slopes. The area is closed Mondays.
The sky was as blue as I have ever seen it. The temperature was probably about zero and there was a breeze.
Showdown owner George Willett had left four wonderful powder strands along the face of Big Seven Run that with the 16 inches of powder that had fallen there made the skiing heavenly.
Two top to bottom runs gave me about 2,000 feet of elevation gain.
With a couple of hours of therapeutic soaking I felt my lungs and sinuses had finally begun to clear.
Certainly, the aerobic lift helped, too.
On the way back to Great Falls on the flats above the Sluice Boxes State Park I saw about 100 head of elk in the hay bales.
Quite the healing day.

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