Sunday, March 01, 2009

Desperately seeking good snow in Nugget Creek

Jim Heckel telemarks the Mizpah bowls

Working our way down to the Nugget ridge line
We desperately need snow!!!
West and south facing slopes are going bare.
The snow we have has been hammered by wind and sun.
We had a little of both on Sunday when we skied the Nugget Creek option on High Porphyry run in the Little Belts.
It was a fun ski trip, but we couldn’t telemark as much as we wanted, and the turns we got were tough because of the wet, clumping snow and the crusting.
We had a beautiful day, though. The sun was out most of the trip.
The icy surface made it rough going through the trees.
Unless we get a dump we’ll be on the sidelines next weekend praying for a March snowstorm.

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