Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So long winter skiing, hello spring skiing!

Fresh powder made for some awesome tele runs
I really didn’t have much of a choice in all this.
On Tuesday night I read Showdown’s ski report that showed 12 inches of new powder had fallen that day.
Luckily, I had saved a personal day for just such an event.
I gathered up Wayne Phillips and Jim Heckel and we spent the day enjoying that powder telemarking on a lift ticket.
We did vary from the on piste runs by taking an exploratory late in the day off Porphyry Peak’s south ridge, eventually descending to the double seat chair lift.
It’s back to work tomorrow and I can say we took full advantage of the fresh powder on this snow day, and that this will be the last day of winter skiing.
We dive into spring skiing Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

had to tell ya, Andy and I skinned up Showdown last night to grab the last run of winter 09 ... we skied down Muley by headlamp: very fun! Dave K.