Saturday, May 22, 2010

Skiing on May 22

Belt Creek was raging with thaw 
Yet, Jim Heckel put in some good runs on the ski hill powder
This ski season just won't end.
I wonder when I'll get in shape for climbing/backpacking.
It got cold enough overnight that the rain down in Great Falls translated to snow in the Little Belts; four to six inches of new powder.
Jim Heckel skied yesterday in that bright sunshine and said the snow had become slush and was easy enough to move around they did black diamond runs like Dynamite.
What was slush yesterday was hardpack today, with that 4-6 inches on top of it.
We'd break through the snow and onto that hardpack and go sailing!
Yet, we still got in five runs and gained about 2,000 feet of elevation --- a good day outdoors.
The powder was like velvet, but uneven with the hardpack; relatively dangerous conditions.
We were the only skiers on the hill.
Belt Creek is over its banks in many places from melting snowpack.
I think skiing will still be good all the way to Memorial Day if you don't mind an uneven ride.

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