Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Greener than Ireland

Up the unavoidable and hated talus

Near the top in the snow

Jim Heckel descends from the green saddle
The Highwood Mountains on Wednesday were shockingly green, and flowers ablaze.
Jim Heckel and I climbed the highest peak, Highwood Baldy, by way of Deer Creek, the standard route. It is an elevation gain of 3,200 feet.
The views from on top were remarkable, yielding glimpses of the Front, Big and Little Belts, Snowies, the big three in the Sweetgrass Hills, the Bearspaws, Snowies, and Judiths.
Water gushed everywhere, but there was up to 5 feet of snow on top, and there was lots of it.
I do this climb several times a year to keep it shape.
Fields of wildflowers, mostly Shooting Stars

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