Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mount Wright: green, flowers, hollyhocks

I came to see Hollyhocks and see them I did

View from top of Mount Wright
The purpose of my trip Thursday was to get some exercise climbing Mount Wright in the Front (elevation: 8,875 feet) and see the mountain hollyhocks that Steve Taylor and Elton Adams had tipped me off to.
The lavender hollyhocks seem to appear a couple of years after a fire.
That happened two years ago in the St. Mary's/Red Eagle Valley of Glacier National Park after the 2006 fire.
The fire in the Mount Wright area was a hot one that burned in 2007.
The especially wet year has kept things green on the Front and the flowers in the Mount Wright burn area are spectacular.
The mountain is a good grunt, rising more than 3,200 feet from the parking area.
The views from the top are as good as any on the Front.
There's a cold front moving through, so there were plenty of clouds coming and going off the peak that obscured the views into the Bob Marshall.

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