Saturday, September 11, 2010

Muddy Creek Falls on a lazy day

Approaching the narrow canyon

Jim Heckel gets shot of Falls

The canyon, an enclosure
I wasn't feeling like doing much, but I wanted to get out because the clouds and rain promised to finally clear.
We chose Muddy Creek Falls west of Bynum, the hike I think is the easiest, best hike on the Front.
It was a bit overcast as we started, but the hike proved to be the perfect choice as the overcast lifted and we enjoyed a clear afternoon and a great hike.
This late in the season the multiple creek crossings were quite easy because the water is so low.
The ground cover in spots was already brilliant and the tips of the cottonwoods and aspen were already tinged in yellow. Falls is definitely around the corner.
We enjoyed a long lunch in the spectacular canyon taking photos of the falls and of ourselves in front of the falls, and examining the rocks which are shot-through with fossils.
It was a short investment of time, but the investment paid huge dividends of enjoyment.

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