Sunday, November 28, 2010

A snowy Thanksgiving holiday

Daughter, Leila, at Memorial Falls
A winter wonderland on top of Porphyry Peak
The plentiful snow meant plentiful play over the long Thanksgiving Day holiday.
My daughter and her boyfriend came over from Portland, so that called for a snowshoe trip above Memorial Falls in the Little Belts and a White Sulphur Springs soak.
There was near perfect conditions in the Little Belts, so that meant some tele turns on Showdown hill and a ski into the backcountry off Porphyry Peak's north slope.
The snow on the Speculation run was about perfect for this time of year.
The backcountry snow was deep, but with little base.
When we hit the open north slopes we found ourselves hitting rock, which put a damper on our plans to yo-yo ski.
When we fell it took quite a bit of time to get back out of the bottomless pits we found ourselves in.
Showdown's slopes are pretty well groomed and were a bit uneven and a tad icy for this tele skier.
As we left the hill on Saturday about 3 p.m., it began to snow.
The Memorial Falls snowshoe was about perfect on Friday and there was some sun that made it even more pleasant.
The lower falls were encased in an icy sheen; the upper falls is running mostly free.

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