Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bringing winter to a close

Breaking trail above Marias Pass in Two Med country 
Two of my favs ---  Little Dog and Summit peaks above Marias Pass and my car 
A very snow covered Elk Peak
I was in Kalispell Friday and on the way home to Great Falls  got in one last winter ski at Marias Pass.
There's tons of snow there, although it is a bit heavy and wet, making it tough going, particularly because it sticks to the bottom of skis.
I skied toward Flattop Mountain right from the pass parking lot and went to within about 200 feet of the top.
I skied through the old burn, probably from the 2007 Skyland fire.
This ski season was marked by using the big burns of 2007 as the site of many skis.
It was wonderful to get to a high place and look down to the North into Glacier National Park where Little Dog and Summit mountains dominate the horizon.
On the way home I stopped in East Glacier Park to look at that snowed-in community.  I don't think I've ever seen East Glacier so swamped!  There's so much snow on the south side of the town that many houses are covered roof to ground.  Streets are barely passable.  Many folks have paths dug in tunnel-like fashion from the street to their doors.
On the north side of town some of the motels are completely swamped.  Sears motel is unreachable from the main street because the snow has been piled so high.
This winter has been very tough on this resort community.
Spring is only two days away and snow still piled high around Mountain Pine Motel in East Glacier Park

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