Sunday, April 17, 2011

Playing catch up

Neihart Baldy on April 17, 2011. Plenty of snow left.
I didn't post last week because I did indoor things rather than outdoor things --- a trip to Calgary to enjoy that wonderful city's many diversions.
We went to Calgary Opera Company's version of Verdi's "Aida," ate at Thai, Italian, Ethiopian and Lebanese ("Aida's") restaurants and even had Polish pierogies. We stayed at a nice international guest house on the campus of the University of Calgary.
Couple of quick comments:  the price of gasoline is $1.17 per litre (Canadian), pushing the price when adjusted to American to the $4.90 range.
Inflation seems to have hit everything there.  The advantage is now to the Canadians with a 5 cent advantage over the American dollar.
Motels that used to run in the $60-$80 range there are well over $100 per night.
About the only prices that seemed even were the prices of entrees in the restaurants.
We found a whole new area of great ethnic restaurants down 4th Street Southwest (old Broadway) south of the 17th Avenue Southwest restaurant district in Uptown.
The cost of taking the C-Train light rail is skyrocketing.  It was $2.25 per ride (a ticket lasts 90 minutes).  An all day ticket is $8.25.  Over two days with two adult all day tickets we had dished out $33.
Parking is outrageous.  All day rates for most hotels is in the $30 a day range, not part of your hotel bill.
The Canadians are upset over President Obama's criticisms of the environmental damage caused by the "tar sands" in Alberta.  They want him to approval immediately the Keystone Pipeline that would transport their oil to the U.S. That pipeline would run through a portion of Montana.
On a different topic
Although it has been quite warm in Great Falls over the past week, we awakened to a couple inches of wet snow on Sunday.
Mark Hertenstein and I took off for Kings Hill and enjoyed a half-dozen great runs on the ski area slopes whose runs closed to the public last weekend.
The snow was a tad heavy and a bit crusty, but very good for an April 17 trip.

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