Monday, July 11, 2011

Finally, the Front full throttle

Looking down from the cliffs into raging Dearborn River

Coming off the scree field

Flower of the day:  Showy Daisy
I have some catching up to do with this blog because I've been so active.
Here's a July 1 exploration of Steamboat Mountain ala Mark Hertenstein, who can turn any simple climb into an object of terror.
We climbed through the high cliffs right off the Dearborn River rather than take the standard route up Milky Creek.
I had many moments of doubt whether we'd get through the some 2,000 feet of cliffs to the bench below the summit ridge.  I'm here to say we made it.
The views were enhanced by the large amounts of snow remaining on the slopes, particularly on Caribou Peak south of us on the Continental Divide.
The Dearborn River just raged below us.
The red line shows our route through the Steamboat cliffs

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