Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Highwood Baldy again

Late July and look how green!

H. Wayne Phillips in the talus below the peak

Lots of lupine
Wayne Phillips and I took a quick run up Highwood Baldy via the Deer Creek route on Wednesday, the third time I climbed this range's highest peak in the past month.
What is striking about the climb is how lush and green this range is still, even though we're past mid-July when hillsides generally are scorched.
The grass and flowers were chest high (to me) in spots, the flowers abundant and greenery everywhere.
There was a high wind and the grasses and flowers swayed in the breeze.
Despite a slight overcast the visibility in the area was remarkable.  We could see the Sweetgrass Hills, Little Rockies, Bear's Paw, Little Belt and Snowy mountain ranges.

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