Monday, August 01, 2011

Glacier's Dawson Pitamakan loop

Katie and Liz Rice cross a snow field heading to Dawson Pass

Lunch break at Dawson Pass

Above Boy Lake

Dem Kotynski above Dry Fork/Cut Bank divide

It continues to be green
We did a family Dawson-Pitamakan 17.9 miles loop in Glacier Park Saturday before sending my brother and his wife off to Chicago.
We were encouraged by a very successful six-day trip in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area, took a day's rest and hit Glacier.
My son, Demian and his girlfriend, Liz Rice, and my wife, Katie, joined us on this loop, which is my favorite in the park because of its views and its alpine nature.
The park information on the loop was conflicting; that the loop was undoable because of large snowfields.
We found some hikers who had completed it on Friday and found that there were only two worrisome snowfields, one before Dawson Pass and the other before Pitamakan.  We were encouraged by reports that the Dawson one was very doable and the Pitamakan field could be by-passed.
We had little trouble with either.
This was at least my sixth time on this loop, the third time with my wife.
The views did not disappoint and were enhanced by the massive snowfall from last winter and the bright, blue sky day.

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