Monday, November 21, 2011

Great snow near Flesher Pass

 Taking a break after climbing the hill
Knees down in the deep powder to make turns

You can see the open slopes where we did our tele turns.
I don't think I've ever seen better snow at this early in the season near Flesher Pass on the Continental Divide Trail.
We skied about three feet of powder on a stable base ---- five days before Thanksgiving!
The weather was about perfect, 20 degrees, no wind, and some sunlight mixed with clouds.
We skied from Flesher toward Stemple Pass about three miles and found some pretty good, but steep open slopes to do tele turns.  It was quite tough climbing back out in the deep snow.
This is still hunting season and we did see one party of hunters not far from the pass.
If I had known how good this snow was going to be I would have opted for an early start and one of the long runs along the CDT --- Stemple/Flesher or Flesher/Rogers.
This bodes well for the ski season and maybe an early end to using our rock skis.

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