Sunday, February 12, 2012

Continental Divide country: Bartlett Creek

This should give a pretty good idea of where we skied if you orient from Rogers Pass and Alice Creek.

The ease with which we can reach great backcountry skiing near the Continental Divide Trail has meant we've nearly abandoned our old haunts in the Little Belt Mountains.
For the third time in the past five weeks we've headed to the Rogers Pass area, a mere 66 miles from Great Falls and an hour's drive, to enjoy good snow while other areas are hurting.
We've been working our way progressively west from Cadotte Creek, exploring.
The warm weather has consolidated the snow at the lower elevations, making for some icy skiing down low.
We had to climb nearly 1,500 feet to find really fine powder for our telemark turns.
We got to a spot where Bartlett, Three Gulch and Cadotte Creek ridgelines come together.
There was no sign of snow machines or other skiers.  We had the place to ourselves!
Unfortunately, Jim Heckel took a spill on the way back down, injuring his right elbow.
Everything seemed to be leaning

Nice open slopes to telemark

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