Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good, but wet late April snow a great way to celebrate a birthday

This will have to do for my 64th birthday photo
I like to take a birthday ski, hike or climb and this year the weatherman delivered a good dump of snow in the Little Belt Mountains that made for a great present.
I let Saturday, the actual day of my 64th birthday pass, but started my 65th year with a great ski Sunday up the road east of Kings Hill that serves as the trail to Deadman, stopping at the top and skiing off the south slopes.
About 18 inches of fresh, heavy snow had fallen over the past two days on little to no base.  It was tough to break trail.
We knew we would need an extra steep slope to do tele turns.
We had originally started off for the Weatherwax bowls, but decided against them because Kings Hill Pass parking area was full of snowmobiles and we knew they were headed there.
We made a wise choice.
The upper reaches of our slopes were quite heavy and I found turns tough to make.
About 200 feet down we reached a cliff band of rocks we had to negotiate.  Below was another 500 feet of beautiful tele slopes with a scattering of trees and an open, flowing spring at the bottom.
We could have continued down to U.S. 89, but opted against it because of the walk back to the pass and the car.
So, we broke snow, climbing back up a ways and hit some more turns before finally cutting our way back to the top.
It was a great way to start a new year!
The red line is where we telemark skied after we hit the top of the road from Kings Hill Pass.

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