Sunday, December 16, 2012

Binding break waylays an otherwise great snow day

Skiing across the Deadman flats --- pure heaven

Jim Heckel loves the slopes and snow in his secret place above Weatherwax Creek in the Little Belts.
He sneaks in there as often as the snow cooperates.
Last week the snow cooperated by dropping 13 new inches on top a great, rain-hardened base.
It was a tad cold, in the lower teens, Saturday, but things were set up just perfectly.
We hit the Deadman Trail at Kings Hill Pass early and had done our first turns by 11 a.m.
Just starting a second run Jim fell and snapped a cable on his binding, or the binding snapped and he fell.
It was one of those freak situations.
We had to turn our attention to making the three-mile or so trek back to the pass.
Luckily, Jim had duct tape and knew how to use it and strapped his boot to the binding and gimped his way out.
It could have been pretty ugly if he hadn't been able to do that.
The sun came out on the way back, making this trip better than we had imagined it could be.
Coming up from the bottom after a run down into Weatherwax bottom

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