Sunday, April 21, 2013

Just another nice spring day in the Rockies

Just below Mount Lockhart in the North Fork Waldron Creek bowl
It looks like we're going to get our best snow this season in April.
It has been dumping most of the day today (Sunday), and my son tells me he'll spend the next three days near the Teton Pass Ski Area skiing the South Fork Waldron/Teton Peak and Lockhart drainages.
That's where we found pretty good snow on Saturday, but nothing like the great stuff he'll find this coming week.
At first, snow conditions were less than promising 
The season's last turns?
We skied up North Fork Waldron Creek (the drainage immediately south of the ski hill) on a circuitous route  to the 7,600 feet point on the Lockhart headwall.
At the bottom we found open ground and snowmelt.
It didn't take long to find deep snow and winter-like conditions.
The storm we're getting today was brewing and we got some wind and some snow.
The snow was slushy and icy below and a tad crusted in the high country below the North Fork Waldron bowls.
We were able to get some turns in several gullies that we had explored last December.
This Lockhart Mountain country near the ski resort has had pretty consistent and good snow all winter.
We're in the stage the season that we're thinking about putting up the skis once and for all.
This new snow makes me question that judgment.
Our North Fork Waldron route to the headwall and some pretty good spring skiing.

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Anonymous said...

I am interested in skiing the north facing chutes of waldron creek this winter, as well as touring up the drainage to the headwall. Have you skied these or know anyone who has?
Augusta Local