Thursday, July 25, 2013

Family time: trips

With my wife, Katie (left) and daughter, Leila, at Iceberg Lake
The last couple of weeks and the next week are for family hikes.
Given the extreme heat here with temperatures in the 90s most days, taking it easy turned out to be a good idea.
I got away for a solo hike on July 18 --- a quick dash up Highwood Baldy --- but otherwise it's been on the trail stuff with my daughter, Leila, visiting from Portland, and my wife.  My wife and I took daily walks along River's Edge Trail, particularly enjoying the abundant birds.
We also took a run to Minneapolis to visit my step-daughter, who is pregnant and due in October.  We wanted to see how she was doing and to test how the drive there will be when she delivers.  We drove straight through in 15 hours, tag-teaming.  I was pretty beat up from the experience, but Katie thought it was just fine and doable.  Along the way we stopped at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Medora, ND and while in the Twin Cities went to Minnehaha Falls and Harriet Lake Rose Garden city parks.
We had an exceptionally good trip to Glacier, with a walk to Upper Two Med Lake one day, Iceberg Lake the next, and Oberlin Basin off Logan Pass the final day.
This has been as good a wildflower year as I've seen.
The trip to Minneapolis allowed me to view first-hand the explosive development in the North Dakota Oil Patch.
From Circle, MT east to near Bismarck, the development is everywhere in sight.  It has industrialized this rural, slow-moving area and changed it forever.
Katie at Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis

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