Sunday, January 19, 2014

A snow day down Deadman Creek

We happened upon what we think are Pine Martin tracks that we followed to some trees.
After an early week snowfall blanketed Great Falls, I took a snow day on Thursday to try the Deadman backcountry ski in the Little Belts.
The wind had raked the route before I could get to the fresh powder, but we found pretty good snow in the protection of trees.
We detoured to the new area I had discovered in late December.
Wayne telemarking in the Deadman open powder
Unfortunately, I found that my shoulder still isn't up to par and that I may have a ways to go before I can handle some of the backcountry terrain comfortably.
I found it difficult to cut quickly in steep and semi-icy spots.
I also fell twice and tweaked the shoulder and right arm, causing a distracting pain.
We soaked at White Sulphur Springs before calling it a day.
The wind had raked the ridge top

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