Sunday, February 16, 2014

The many gulches of Cadotte Creek

The Cadotte Creek Second Gulch country between Rogers Pass and Flesher Pass Road turnoff
There's Cadotte Creek and three more very ski-able gulches to the west, all accessible from Highway 200 west of Rogers Pass.
We skied Gulch Two on Saturday, a bright, warm day. We had fresh snow along with cloudless skies.
The fresh snow is the key here.  This is low-lying country below 6,000 feet with south and west facing slopes that can take a lot of wind.  Wait too long after a snowfall and it will be iced up.  Get it immediately and you won't find a tele area near Great Falls that's easier to reach with low-angle slopes.  This is roughly 70 miles from Great Falls ---- just a bit further than you would travel to reach Kings Hill Pass in the Little Belts. This is untouched country that doesn't get skied much, and there is lots of it.
There are several spots along Highway 200 that are plowed out for parking.
It's just a matter of skiing up one of the logging roads that go up these gulches that have been clearcut in the past.
I'm still testing where my right shoulder is at after surgery, so this was a perfect place.
We made about 10 "yo-yo" runs, doing a wide arc at the head of this gulch.  We gained more than 2,000 feet.
From our high point we could clearly see the Continental Divide and Rodgers Peak above the pass.
I'm still playing with my new GPS toys --- the Garmin Etrex 20 and Magellan Switch Up.
Our route marked by way points, but showing our telemark tracks

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