Sunday, March 02, 2014

Venturing outside in bitter cold

Well, maybe that is a little bit misleading.
Yes, we've had temperatures as low as minus 20 in Great Falls.
And yes, it has yet to even reach zero degrees here for the entire month of March.
But.....we ventured out for a little snow shoeing in the Kings Hill area and found temperatures in the mid-30s on Sunday.
We were looking for anything in our battle with cabin fever during this harsh winter.
Luckily, we found it.
It is minus 4 as I sit here writing this.
But, it was 38 degrees when we got back to the car from our journey about 1 p.m.
We worked our way from where Baraboo Creek goes into Sheep Creek a few miles south of Kings Hill Pass.  We gain roughly 700 feet of elevation in really deep snow, covering four miles up and back
It was fun to be out.

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