Monday, February 22, 2016

Quick shot up Grendah and Kings Hill mountains in Little Belts

Reaching Grendah means following a lovely ridgeline most of the way

The wind was nature's snow sculptor

Near the top
This is a straight-forward climb of a 8,165 feet bump on the ridge, starting from Kings Hill Pass in the LIttle Belts Mountains.
Some 2,000 feet are gained and lost along the way of this 9 mile roundtrip.
Start at the pass, ski behind the Forest Service cabin looking for a Road 487 that serves as a cross country ski/snowmobile trail to the top of Kings Hill.  About a quarter mile up the road a lightly used snowmobile trail intersects.  Take this to the top and climb Kings Hill Peak (elevation: 8,008 feet) a few feet to the south of the ridge.  Ski north along the snomobile road to where it intersects with Road 8308.  This road can be used all the way to the top of the peak.  It stays on a ridge just north of the vast Weatherwax Creek bowls, and along the way great telemark ski terrain presents itself, mainly to the south.
There are great views of Yogo, Big Baldy, Coyote, Neihart and Long peaks in the distance.  To the west, Showdown Ski Area and Porphyry Peak.  There is a potential to bump into snowmobiles at any time, but eventually the trail narrows to a ridge line and it is yours on skis.
The geodesic marker at the mountain's top

For topo map and more photos, click here

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