Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A quick, icy run down Deadman

Wind and hoar have flocked these trees on Deadman
The open slopes provide a photogenic moment

The open slopes above Deadman Creek
In the past week we've had two backcountry ski trips in the Little Belts where snow has been on the opposite end of extremes.
Last Saturday it was on the northeast end of the Weatherwax/Grendah Mountain ridge and the snow was the best of the season, several new inches on a cold, hard base.  On Wednesday it was the Deadman run and it was ice all the way.  I'm surprised we didn't break our necks!  We skied this nearly 7 mile run in just over 3 hours and were home by 1:30 p.m.!
Between Saturday and Wednesday lots of sun and wind hit this mountain range, hardening up the snow.
Saturday we had a ball doing some tele turns on far end of Weatherwax.
Lots of south and west facing slopes have begun to lose their snow.
This is the beginning of the end of skiing for this season.
Unless we get a significant new dump, I'm probably going to hang up the skis.
Generally, we start hiking about this time.
Maybe it's time.

For more photos, good map of Deadman run, CLICK HERE
The open slopes on the northeast end of Weatherwax bowls

H. Wayne Phillips enjoys the sunny, bright day at Weatherwax

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