Thursday, April 21, 2016

Woodsiding and Sleeping Giant WSA again

Descending the ridge line

Dwight Smith walks the ridge line

Lots of snow most of the last 1,500 feet of elevation
This was the second time in 10 days to hike one of the bumps in the ridge line of the Sleeping Giant Wilderness Study Area via an off trail ridge walk from Woodsiding Gulch just off the Frontage Road, seven miles south of Wolf Creek. We walked a slighltly different route this time, coming down from the top along the road, rather than cross country.
This was one of Wayne Wild Wilderness Walks and there were six of us old guys.
It was a glorious day, with clear skies and 360 views from the top that included the Continental Divide and Elkhorns, Big Belts, Adels, Flint Creeks and Rocky Mountain Front ranges.
The wildflowers were glorious, particular the pink Douglasia that clumped in disturbed areas of bright red argullite.
Last Thursday's snowstorm deposited considerable new snow that we had to punch through in the last 1,500 feet of elevation gain.
We walked roughly 9 miles and gained and lost more than 3,300 feet.
For topo map route, more photos and description, CLICK HERE

Ranger, a great companion, used the snow to keep cool

Dwight said he wouldn't go any farther without lunch

On top our "peak."  From left (back):  Gordon Whirry, Dwight Smith, Chuck Jennings.  In front with Ranger, Steve and Annie Taylor

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