Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Wolf Butte on Wayne's Wednesday Walk

Mike Dannells leads the charge

Mike Dannells and Darryl Stevens at the summit

Nora Gray and Gordon Whirry drop to their butts to descend

A sampling of the boulders

Our crew at the base:  left to right:  Gordon Whirry, Jasmine Krotkov, Wayne Phillips, Jim Heckel, Sue Taleff, Nora Gray and Darryl Stevens
A nearly 8 mile, 2,500 off-trail ascent of a granitic outcropping in the Little Belt Mountains up Lonetree Road southeast of Geyser.
Take the Lonetree Road south from U.S. 87 7-miles to the Forest Boundary, park the car, and look north for a trace of a road.  It is possible to take this trace to a saddle between Wolf Butte and Granite Peak, where you are at the base of the butte.
My advice is to go straight up the gut of the mountain, veering to the left when blocked.
Near the top angle sharply to the right across the base of the high cliffs and look for some small Doug Fir trees.  Behind these is the only route to the top of this mountain, across a narrow ridge with good hand and foot holds.
Traveling up the butte there are huge boulders, many of them upended at odd angles are encountered, as well as old decaying trees, which are easy to bypass.
On top the views go all the way to the Front on the west, Highwoods and Bearpaw Baldy and even the Little Rockies to the north and east, and of course, the Judiths, Mocassins, Snowies and the north end of the Little Belt Mountains.
The wildflowers were showing off, and the grass as spring green as it could be.

For a topo map with route, elevation chart and more photos, CLICK HERE

An old homested at the base of Wolf Butte

Wayne Phillips shows off the elk antler shed he found

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