Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mount Wright: perfect Wild Fest hike

Approaching the summit

Reaching the top

In the saddle 
Mount Wright from the trailhead
The colors are rolling out along the Rocky Mountain Front, adding a lovely touch of color to a perfect  climb of Mount Wright on Saturday.
My wife, Katie, and I lead nine hikers on this classic Front climb as part of the Montana Wilderness Association's Wild Fest annual meeting in Great Falls.
We gained the 3,200 feet in less than 3 hours, despite taking breaks.
We had worried that we might not be able to get to the top of this beautiful mountain because there had been a good amount of snow in the previous few days.  In fact, Rocky and Baldy summit caps had accumulations of the white stuff.
Although Mount Wright is only a few hundred feet lower than those two mountains, we encountered no snow.
There were some clouds at the top, that burned off later in the day, providing a clear skies later on.
When we got to the top there were some low clouds that blocked views beyond the Badger-Two Med into Glacier Park, nor could we get a clear view of the Swans to the West.
Still, this mountain lived up to its reputation for having some of the best views across the Bob Marshall Wilderness to the West and the Front and Great Plains beyond.  We could clearly see the Sweet Grass Hills to the east on the Alberta border, floating in a sea of grass.
Along the way, our group enjoyed hunting for sea shells, remnants from the once large sea east of the mountain.  These shells and the creatures that made them are the stuff of limestone that give the Front its distinctive look.
We covered the 7.1 miles in 6 hours, giving us plenty of time to get back to the gala in Great Falls.

For a topo map of our route and more photos:  CLICK HERE

Up through the burn

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