Monday, December 12, 2016

Good snow at Teton Pass

Despite great snow at Teton Pass, we had it mostly to ourselves
We switched gears on Sunday, going to Teton Pass rather than King's Hill, because the snow is so much better along the Rocky Mountain Front than the Little Belts.
It was bone-chilling cold to the Teton Canyon where the temperatures jumped from minus 2 to more than 20 degrees.
While it wasn't snowing on the Great Plains, we got plenty of snow all day back in the mountains around Teton Pass Ski Area.
The only problem was that a good base hasn't set up yet in the backcountry and slogging through deep base-less powder was pretty tough.
After a little of that, we opted for the ski hill itself and did yo-yo tele runs for most of the four hours we were there, taking advantage of powder that hadn't been worn away by the omnipresent snowboarders.
I figure we skied in at least two feet of powder and temperatures reached as high as 26 degrees.
The big snow was expected to fall overnight.
In the meantime, as of this writing, another foot of snow fell in the Little Belts.  That usually snow-packed range really needed it.
Really frigid air continues here.  In the past week we've gotten to 11 degrees once, and wind chills have us well below zero.

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