Thursday, November 09, 2017

Backcountry skiing's been great!

Perfect backcountry conditions

Beaver pond off Divide Road hadn't frozen yet

Dave Brown reaches the top of the powerline right of way
The first snows of the winter/backcountry ski season have been great.
I think these snows have already surpassed last year's terrible snow, particularly in the Little Belts.
I've been out three times in the past three days, twice in the Kings Hill Area of the Little Belts and found the snow excellent, at about a two-foot powder depth and some early skiable base.
Wednesday I led our Wayne's Wednesday's Walk group in Wayne's absence from King's Hill Pass down the O'Brien Creek trail to its junction with the trail to Silvercrest Cross Country Area and then back to the pass via the powerline.
We covered about 5 miles and 1,000 feet of elevation gain and loss if you throw in the yo-yo ski from the powerlines high point.
Showdown Ski Area, where we started is mostly groomed and pretty torn up.
On Tuesday I skied to above the Golden Goose run and then down various runs to the ski lodge on a bluebird, sunshine day.  Temperatures were a bit cold at no higher than 15 degrees with a breeze that made it seem colder.
Yet, it is warmer than it has been.  Last weekend temperatures went below zero.
It's so good to be back up on skis.
Our route

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