Sunday, June 10, 2018

A rite of Spring: Mount Wright

The Jones Columbine were everywhere along the summit cap 

Mark Hertenstein beneath the peak

The Bob Marshall's Sun River country to my back

The snowfields on the east flank of Mount Wright
The weather was supposed to be stormy, but it held off long enough Saturday for us to climb Mount Wright (elevation: 8,795 feet) in the Rocky Mountain Front.
There's plenty of snow on the mountain's East flank that climber's face on the trail route.
We may have been a week to 10 days early for the best alpine floral show, but the Jones Columbine, Forget-Me-Nots, and Douglasia were out.  It might have been the best show of Jones Columbine I've ever seen.
A grizzly had been rototilling in this rock garden for biscuit root.
The snow in the Bob Marshall Wilderness in the Sun River drainage appears to have mostly melted, with patches and cornices near the top.
Further back in the Bob, Pentagon, Silvertip and Holland peaks look loaded on the West Side.

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