Monday, November 19, 2018

Backcountry ski season begins; snow is great!

Mark Hertenstein at the head of Deadman Creek after some turns

I'm at the head of Weatherwax bowls

Mark at the powerline
I guess because I'm always anxious for the backcountry ski season to begin I think I'm getting a late start every year.
I got out Sunday and skied up the road toward Deadman and at the top headed toward a sweet telemark spot in the Deadman Creek headwaters, taking a couple of turns before following the powerline above the Weatherwax bowls to Kings Hill and back down to the pass.
We had a beautiful, if windy day with temperatures in the low 20s.
We estimated the base at about 18 inches and already set up.
Across the road at Showdown Ski Area the groomers have been at work on Big Seven, but the runs to the south were tracked by powder enthusiasts.

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