Thursday, March 21, 2019

Spring begins! The end of a mean winter

Snowshoeing up Looking Glass Road in the shadow of Rising Wolf Mountain in Glacier's Two Med country 
Lower Two Med Lake.

We got home to watch the Equinox Super Moon rise in our neighborhood

Not to be minimized,  the Front's Walling Reef and a ranch below it near Dupuyer

On Wednesday Katie and I did a repeat of the first day of Spring trip that I did last year ---- a tour of the Two Med country in Glacier up the Looking Glass Road --- except this year it was on snowshoes rather than skis.
I'm glad to see winter go. The dry kept us from skiing at the beginning of the season, and trapped us with extreme cold during its long February-March run.
We've begun the Spring thaw celebrating as we watched the Super Moon sink into Front's Castle Reef in the Gibson Dam area on the Sun River west of Augusta. I've never seen such clear skies as we saw in Glacier, where we did a 7.2 miles roundtrip on snowshoes up the Looking Glass Road, looking down on the Two Med Valley and in the shadow of Rising Wolf Mountain. We had been warned that we'd find icy snow in the morning and slush in the afternoon. That's exactly what we found. Because winter arrived so late, and when it did it came with a fury, the bottom layer of snow really never set up. We were glad that skiers and snowmobiles had packed down the road in most spots. Where they didn't we sunk up to our thighs in soft, wet snow ---- even with snowshoes on!On the way home we stopped at Buffalo Joe's Cafe in Dupuyer where we have always had good meals. This was no exception.We got home in time to watch from the Russell Park Gazebo as the sun sunk in the west over the Great Falls Clinic and the huge moon rose in the east on a parallel with 15th Avenue South. Having seen the Winter's shortest day I now have a comparison with the start of Spring where the sun sets. Glorious day!

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