Sunday, November 19, 2023

A (snowy) walk in the park


Laurie Lintner and Katie beneath Rising Wolf Mountain

Katie and me at Two Med Lake

On the road from where were parked at Trick Falls.

We're enjoying what are probably the last days of passable Fall.However, the mountains have snow, just not enough to avoid rocks and hunters if you're skiing.

We were lucky enough to have a fairly mild, but windy day to enjoy the Two Medicine Valley of Glacier National Park, walking up the icy road on spikes.

We got to Middle Two Med Lake for fabulous views of Sinopah, Lone Walker, Never Laughs, Apistoki and Rising Wolf Mountains under a clear, deep blue sky.

We enjoyed time at Two Medicine Lake and Pray Lake and then ventured to the North Shore Trail on the advice of Laurie Lintner, our East Glacier Park resident friend, who said we might see a bull moose.

Sure enough, we were treated to a brief close-up view of a one in the willow-wash just off Two Med Lake.  Unfortunately, the encounter was so brief, we couldn't get a photo. 

We spent considerable time examining the numerous animal tracks in the snow before completing our 6-mile roundtrip hike.

What made this day exceptional was that we saw only one other couple in the Trick Falls parking lot, and no one else after the entire day.  This, in a valley that has been overcrowded as the Park Service has pushed tourists away from Going to the Sun Highway, flooding Two Med.

Undoubtedly, the next visits will be on skis.

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