Friday, March 15, 2024

Spring skiing in Glacier

That's Rising Wolf Mountain behind me

The Two Med valley below us

The "entry" gate to Glacier Park accessed from Looking Glass Pass

 An annual rite is a late winter/early spring backcountry ski trip in Glacier.

We couldn't have picked a more perfect day than Thursday, March 14.

There was still good snow from an earlier dump in the week, the sky was bright blue and lined with fluffy white clouds and shockingly, there was scant wind.

We did the Looking Glass Pass Road outside East Glacier Park, and at the pass veered on a ridge to an entry point into the park through a barbed wire fence at the base of Spot Mountain.

As in Waterton last week, we had clear visibility and the new snow made the mountains pop, especially Rising Wolf peak, the big guy in the Two Med Valley.

The snow, while hard when we started in 17 degree weather, loosened up and we had to apply glide wax to keep our skis from clumping with school.

I was joined by East Glacier Park residents Laurie Lintner and John Schmidt. 

We covered 9.3 miles and gained and lost about 1,400 feet along the way.

The ski down was particularly quick and easy because of the spring snow.

We were on our alert for grizzlies, but saw signs only of elk and moose along the way.

I will never understand this east side of the park is neglected by the Park Service.  This Looking Glass Pass road offers great skiing and ever greater views of the Two Med and the Rocky Mountain Front's Badger-Two  Med country.  The East Glacier Mercantile and the local gas station convenience store and  a motel are the only services open, and the road to the Two Med Park entrance is unplowed.

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