Sunday, March 24, 2024

Tundra geese arrive, Kings Hill loop

Everywhere in sight were Tundra Swans at Benton Lake 

A clear day with Showdown in the distance 

Small sampling of swans at Freezout Lake 

 A sure sign of Spring is the arrival of the migrating snow geese and Tundra Swans.

The snow geese are coming in slowly, the swans in mass.

We've seen more swans on Benton Lake Wildlife Management Area, about seven miles north and west of Great Falls, than at any time in memory.  There are many at Freezout Lake on the Rocky Mountain Front as well.

Our only hiking foray was a four mile loop to the top of Kings Hill from the pass cabin to the so-called "G" trail up to the top of the Kings Hill ridge, past the Weatherwax bowls to the Kings Hill summit itself, and then back down the Deadman Road.

The day couldn't have been more bluebird that brought out distant mountain ranges in every direction.

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