Monday, August 22, 2005

Mills Falls a pleasant surprise

Leila Kotynski enjoys Mill Falls
It’s always nice to be surprised, particularly when the surprise comes when experiencing the familiar.
Such was the case last week after a hike to Headquarters Pass in the Rocky Mountain Front up the South Fork of the Teton outside of Choteau, a trip I’ve done maybe 30 times.
After this spectacular hike, I decided it might be worthwhile to check out the nearby Mills Falls campground and take a look at the falls.
The campground is located about a mile east of the parking lot for the Headquarters Pass/Our Lake trailhead. It is very small, with space for only four campsites.
It is far enough off the road that it is back in the trees and away from road noise ---- very secluded.
At the end of the campground road is a sign pointing to the falls.
The falls are about 100 yards from this sign along an informal, flat trail.
They spill about 30 feet over a cliff, which drains a small South Fork of the Teton River feeder stream.
For those with a limited amount of time or energy or just wanting a drive and a picnic, this is the perfect spot for seclusion and great scenery. Its ease of access is similar to Cataract Falls off Elk Creek in the Front near Augusta, and it is a shorter hike than Memorial Falls in the Little Belts Mountains.

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