Thursday, July 27, 2006

Apikuni-Henkel peaks

No, it wasn't THAT hot!!

The slog up Apikuni

Ceceila Notess enjoys her Henkel summit perch

Coming off Henkel
The grizzlies were very active all week in the Many Glacier area where I was scheduled for a climb of Crowfeet and Henkel mountains via the Ptarmigan trail.
When I arrived for the hike on Friday we found that trail closed and after some consultation with leaders Bruce and Rhonda White we decided instead to climb Apikuni and then Henkel.
We climbed above Apikuni Falls and then began the long slog up the brilliant red Apikuni slopes. This 9,068 foot peak is nothing more than a pile of scree with a small summit block. Views from the peak included the northeast part of the park dominated by Gable and Yellow mountains with Chief Mountain as a backdrop.
We dealt with high heat all day that affected our route decisions.
Apikuni and Henkel are connected by a long ridge. Henkel (elevation: 8,770 feet) is a much more interesting mountain with large cliffs that we had to negotiate. I had climbed Henkel about 15 years ago straight up from Swiftcurrent. The route from Apikuni is far more complicated and fun.
On top climbers are offered panoramic views of the park. I was most impressed by our perspective on Mounts Merritt and Heaven’s Peak.

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