Thursday, July 27, 2006

Forum peak-Akamina ridge

Arriving at Wall Lake
Where B.C., Alberta and Montana come together

That's Longknife peak behind me
On Wednesday, Greg and Cecilia Notess, accompanied by daughter Mary, led 13 climbers on the Forum Peak-Akamina Ridge climb in the British Columbia Provincial Park of Akamina-Kishinena. The park is easy to reach from Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta. The trailhead is not far from Cameron Lake, a major Waterton destination.

The trail climbs to Forum Lake where we got off trail and climbed to the Forum Peak ridgeline. The ridgeline connects to the Akamina Ridge. The ridges in this area reminded me of the grassy Continental Divide ridges between Rogers and Lewis and Clark passes. The difference is in the backdrop.

What vistas!

Forum Peak and Akamina Ridge are adjacent to the Kintla Peak-Upper Kintla Lake area of Glacier National Park. While walking the ridges we had Kintla, Kinnerly, and Peabody peaks in view all day with Agassiz glacier very prominent. We were blown away by the high, stark beauty of Longknife peak to the northwest along the B.C. border.

Greg Notess and I descended from Forum Peak about 600 feet through some cliffs and ledges to the tri-boundary marker of British Columbia-Alberta-Montana (U.S.-Canada).

We climbed along the Akamina ridge ascending three small peaks before dropping off a small pass to Wall Lake and then out.

I’ll be looking forward to the next visit to this provincial park.

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