Monday, April 28, 2008

Don't let the weather fool you

A hearty fritillary was in bloom

The prairie walk along the river

The stop along a shelf

Enjoying the river thoroughly
After the minus 8 temperature and 15 inches of snow earlier in the week I didn’t hold out much hope for the hike I was supposed to lead for the Montana Wilderness Association convention Saturday.
My wife and I had planned to lead the North Shore River’s Edge Trail Ryan to Morony segment known as “Fingers Bay.”
I was so sure it would be so snowy, wet and cold that I even scouted an alternative route.
When we gathered at the Heritage Inn Saturday for the hike it was cold but clear and I was ready to abandon ship. However, I had underestimated the MWA hikers who wanted to go anyway.
What good fortune we had.
When we ferried the car to the Morony end of the trail we realized the trail would be dry and the snow had vanished miraculously.
The 10 hikers didn’t even find any mud and the weather warmed us nicely on this cloudless day.
Along the way we found the beginnings of the spring crop of flowers, the phlox, the fritillary, and dandelions.
The rock outcroppings, formations and shoreline thrilled the hikers who came from the far ends of the state.
My wife, Katie, loves this hike, a remote undulating walk of about 4 miles.

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