Sunday, April 20, 2008

Record spring snow storm; good neighborhood skiing

Great snow for my old E-99s in the neighborhood
We really got nailed with a great spring snowstorm this weekend.
It looks like it was a record for April 20. The Weather Service says the airport got 9.6 inches of snow, with the record having been 8.2 inches set in 1967.
I think we got more than that here in town.
And, the snow is filled with moisture.
I found it difficult to shovel this morning. There is a bottom layer of a couple of inches of wet slush.
I opted against heading for the mountains. The highways are snowpacked and icy.
Instead, I found plenty of ski-able snow in my local park, Russell, and laid down first tracks in fresh snow.
I suspect it will be good again tomorrow before it starts to warm up and create a slushy mess.
I love skiing in my neighborhood. I ski right out of my garage and down the street.
In the neighborhood I like to use my old E-99 metal edged skinny Fisher skis with leather boots. It reminds me of the old days.
I’m a tad worried about the ground conditions for the planned Montana Wilderness Association convention hikes along the river next weekend. At the very least it is going to be a soggy mess. I have some 12 people already signed up for my Ryan to Morony dams hike along the north shore.
I think this snow should last in the mountains and plan to ski next Sunday.

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